The Stampede of Lies That’s Pushing the West Towards War in Syria

Low-empathy political leaders and media propagandists have abandoned principle in the 21st century.


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“It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”
- Smedley Butler, 1933
British Prime Minister David Cameron tried and failed this week, but it looks like US President Barack Obama may get his war on in Syria this weekend. He says it’s because of ‘chemical weapons’.

Even at its lowest ebb, the the run-up to the Iraq War never saw so much desperation, so much spinning and overt lying from the government-media-complex about what ‘intelligence’ they claim to have in order to justify a new and dangerous war in Syria. The political narcissism around this current desire for war, makes Bush and Blair’s moral heist in 2003 look like a polite outing. 
It’s become a stampede of lies regarding Syria, with our political con men producing  every trick in the bag, and yet, none of these PR illusionists dare mention during any of their diatribes on “the moral duty of the international community” – that for the last 2 years the US, UK have given their backing to the armed “Syrian Opposition”, featuring 40,000 of the most vile and violent imported Islamic fundamentalist terrorist brigades the world ever seen, who have infested Syria. Now the US wants to act as al Qaeda’s Airforce in Syria, as it did already in Libya.

In this dirty proxy war, human lives mean very little to puppet masters, as the money flows into the foreign mercenary gangs. Money and arms are being supplied by US and UK allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, special military (or terrorist?) training by the US, UK and others in Jordan and Turkey. To fill in the gaps, the US and others have been managing Blackwater (Xe) and other private military contractors (mercenaries) operating out of Cyprus and other locations, many of which are active militarily inside of Syria training and commanding ‘the opposition’ in their war to overthrow the Syrian government.

These resources of war continue to fuel the violence in Syria, and political cover is provided by the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Israel and others who seek to benefit from the shattering of the Syrian nation-state, the first of many more nation-states they would like to eliminate through catastrophe, or through wars.

US, UK and French leaders will not talk about the natural gas pipeline they are planning between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean via Syria, of which Saudi Arabia and Qatar would be heavily invested. A gas pipeline from Arabia to Europe would mitigate the influence of Russian gas to Europe.

The world has slid into a political abyss. David Cameron, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and William Hague have all took turns running point during this three year destablisation effort in Syria, each repeating each other’s script, peppered with half-cocked truths, and endless banquet of cooked-up ‘intelligence’. Each appears to be completely convinced by his/her own highly subjective and wonderfully deceptive version of reality in the Middle East. They bank on public apathy and the chaos of propaganda, in order to clear their path for more extreme violence, with profits for the top end of the military industrial complex and for the top end of a predatory banking sector which makes all wars possible.

Yes, leaders have all been bought and paid for. Yes, the mainstream media has been bought and paid for. But the public has not been bought and paid for yet. In an incredible turn of events on Thursday, the British public set a rare, but clear example of what a functioning democracy can look like by rejecting military aggression. Washington and London political hacks may be too myopic to realise it, but the rest of the world has taken notice, and this small victory over global tyranny cannot be erased.

In 2003, the government-media-complex was cool, cold and calculated in its deception and drive to war, while the public were emotional, wild and desperate in their frustration to stop the establishment’s drive to war.

In 2013, the tables have turned, as political leaders and their media propagandists have become wildly emotional, highly unstable and completely desperate, in their bid to kick-start their war, while the public have been cool, calm and decisive in their condemnation of the war fraud.

We’ve seen it all this time around: inflated figures, reports with actors and sound stages dressed to look like hospitals, and we have seen heads of state site YouTube videos as evidence – videos they now refer to as “open source reporting”. The desperation to ram home a war in Syria has become an obsessive rush, to the point of being vulgar in itself. TV anchors, radio hosts, and newspaper editors are all shilling for war. Why are the politicians and the media pushing this war so hard, even if the people are not?

Syria is only a stepping stone towards the Washington-London-Israeli alliance’s publicly stated objective of a war with Iran. The next move by this nexus is to break-up Syria and then foment unrest in Lebanon, for the purposes of redrawing the Middle Eastern map in order to break up the Shi’ite “land bridge” which connects Iran to the Mediterranean. From there, a confrontation could be forced – with the US-NATO confab on one side, and Russia and China on the other.

This is a worrying prospect, considering the conduct of our leaders who have been shown to lie on a regular basis to their public. Could we trust our current political class to make the right decisions should a World War 3 situation escalate that far? Can anyone answer ‘yes’ to this, especially after watching the adolescent performances of recent… by men and women who call themselves Prime Ministers, Presidents and Secretaries of State? Can these men be trusted with such overwhelming military fire power? Can they be trusted with their nuclear arsenals?

It seems that the establishment are failing to realise the shift that has taken place just now, nor are they able to foresee the blow back they may reap from their rancid enterprise, whereby, the few profit – and the many pay.

You can never fully satisfy the appetite of a political, or corporate psychopath. They always want more. They see markets, and they want to control them. They see populations, and they want to control, or even eliminate them.

Although still confident with their formula for war – one which has worked for them so many times in the past, they could very well fall flat on their face this time in Syria, but even so and unfortunately for humanity, they will cause much damage and suffering in the process.

There is a global awakening taking place, and more than ever, people are finally realising en mass what General Smedley Butler learned back in 1993… those three words: “war is racket”.

Every one knows it seems, except those trapped in their own elite ghettos, so high up in their ivory towers that they’ve all but lost touch with the rest of the human race.
The shift… has just hit the fan.

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