The euro dropped against the dollar for a third straight day on Friday after the markets realized Graecokleptocrats have a long history of promising reforms and not delivering, and this time is no different. After decades of using public services as political spoils, Graecokleptocrats must also take on the corruption and inefficiency they fostered before they can implement the reforms that creditors demand before releasing further funds. http://venitism.blogspot.com

Greece is the queen of political corruption in Occident. The impunity of the 300 MPs of the Grand Brothel on Syntagma Square is the most freakish thing on Earth. Even though Graecokleptocrats looted many billion euros in kickbacks and churning, not a single Graecokleptocrat has ever gone to jail! Graecokleptocrats are protected by the parliamentary immunity, and nobody can touch them, no matter what. Moreover, they have the nerve to jail dissident bloggers. It's a long way from the 300 Spartans of Leonidas! Allons enfants de la Grece!

Blogbusters galore! Freak! Freak! Freak! The freakish government of Greece, the most corrupt country in Occident, steals computers! Robbing dissident bloggers and locking them in jail is a freakish behavior that does not belong to the European Union, not even to this galaxy! No wonder some vain Greeks boast they come from Andromeda galaxy!

There is an increasing probability that eurozone will break apart, or even euro will be abandoned altogether. The warning signs are mounting, and fresh news is adding to the gloom every day. Financial watchdogs all over the world have instructed banks to brace for a possible break-up of eurozone. Banks are conducting stress tests to prepare for this worst-case scenario.

I expect a full bankruptcy of the government of Greece, a disgusting persecutor of dissident bloggers, the land of blogbusters. The Greek government is the worst enemy of the Greek people! The stupidity, brutality, corruption, freak, and kangaroo justice of the disgusting government of Greece cause shock and awe!

A sensitive issue cannot be fully explained in a post, but only in a speech, in that magic eyeball to eyeball contact, baring my soul, and declaring truths that cause shock and awe. That's why I look forward to the invitation of your organization to speak at your conference. Basil Venitis,

Greece, the bully of blogosphere, has crossed the Rubicon against civility, terrorizing and robbing dissident bloggers. The euro initially gave up ground on Wednesday after the European Central Bank offered 530 billion euros to 800 banks. This week's massive ECB liquidity injection into the market is also keeping the single currency vulnerable to selling, particularly against its higher yielding and riskier counterparts.

The European treaties don't envisage nations leaving eurozone, but a country can quit Fourth Reich and eurozone together. Such a departure would take a long time, and investors could use that time to withdraw their capital. So the country in question would suffer economic damage on its path back into a national currency.

Uncertainty surrounding Greece's bailout should keep the euro under pressure and next week could prove pivotal. Hedge funds, pissed off by my persecution, refuse to accept any haircut on Greek government bonds of blogbusters. Bondholders are hoodwinked to give up some 100 billion euros of their investment in the pseudovoluntary bond swap, but hedge funds will not participate, case closed, pure and simple. But ratcheting up pressure on hedge funds, Premier Papademos introduced legislation forcing creditors to take losses on their holdings.

Accusing dissident bloggers of treason, Graecokleptocrats have manufactured a blood libel in cyberspace, which in turn incites hatred and violence. The freakish kangaroo justice government of Greece is the only government on Earth which steals the computers of its citizens! Infamous CCU is the brutal arm of the kangaroo government of Greece, which terrorizes the cyberspace, stealing computers and files at gunpoint, perjuring, jailing dissident bloggers, and gagging the truth. The Greek Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) is the most disgusting gang in Fourth Reich!

It is unclear what would happen to a country's sovereign debt if it left eurozone. The decisive factor would be whether the country had borrowed money under national or international law, and that varies from member state to member state. Germany has issued only 0.2 percent of its debt under international law, while the figure for the Netherlands is 40 percent and for Portugal 60 percent. The bonds would become the subject of legal disputes which would cause lasting damage to investor confidence in the countries that issued them. Investors are already worried by these factors.

Jean-Claude Juncker says Greece has acted to secure a second bailout, but the money can only be paid out after a bond swap between Athens and private investors is concluded by March 9. But the Greek economy does not need haircuts, but taxcuts, and banks cannot participate voluntarily in illegal acts, such as fiduciary imprudency. Bank directors are committed to bank's welfare, and not the public interest.

If bankers waive outstanding debts at the expense of the bank, this is a breach of trust and punishable by law. All those bankers, that IIF claims plan to participate in rollovers, might go to jail for violating the fiduciary duty of prudency! The kangaroo justice government of Greece, the most corrupt country in Occident, pressures the banks to participate, but it really opens Pandora's box.

Greece, the most corrupt country in Occident, has become a kangaroo valley, violating basic human rights and Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty, but nobody gives a damn. I cannot understand why the European Commission tolerates political persecution and freakish Kangaroo Justice within the borders of the European Union and cannot refer the Greek government to the Court of Justice of the European Union. I cannot understand why the European Commission cannot protect Greeks from appalling violations of Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty by the Greek government. If the European Union cannot protect Greeks from the repressive Greek government, who will?

When a currency is abolished, there are always victims, including many citizens whose savings are suddenly worth less. History shows that the collapse of currency unions is often accompanied by unrest or even civil war. It is virtually impossible to imagine a breakup without severe social consequences.

At the same time, Fourth Reich would suffer an immediate loss of influence in the world if it lost euro. Efforts to forge a common foreign and security policy would be rendered pointless. Without euro, the voice even of large countries like Germany would amount to no more than a whisper on the world stage.

Smart words are more effective than smart bombs! Mighty words of a charismatic keynote speaker can transform your people to a new dimension of organizational climate, efficiency, self-actualization, enthusiasm, belonging, and motivation. I would like very much to speak at your conference in order to explain critical points much further. Basil Venitis,

The euro dropped to a low of $1.3185 and last traded at $1.3198, down 0.9 percent. The euro lost about 2 percent against the dollar this week, its worst week since the middle of December. The disastrous political consequences of a collapse of eurozone will deter countries from allowing the currency to fail. The high value that member states attach to their involvement in the larger European process would prevent them from abandoning euro.

Basil Venitis, venitis@gmail.com

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