In Greece, there are no real political parties, but political mafias! There are no political leaders, but political godfathers. Any MP who does not kowtow to the godfather automatically is expelled from the mafia. The two main political mafias, Pasok and Nea Democratia, have destroyed Greece and debased the Greek soul. Nobody is the most popular politician of Greece.

All disgusting Graecokleptocrats demand reelection. What a nerve! Well, if Greeks reelect Graecokleptocrats, they deserve what they get. No Greek MP deserves to be reelected, pure and simple. All Greek MPs are crooks. Of course, the best vote is no-vote. But if you are itched to vote, do not vote for incumbents.

Partyfare is a new political disease. Partyfare allows political parties to rob the State Treasury and banks by a simple vote in the parliament! The cost of Greek politics is the highest in Fourth Reich. Recently, a thirty-million-euro injection was granted again by the Grand Brothel of Democracy on Syntagma Square to its hookers! Political parties in Greece are the highest funded in Europe as a proportion of tax revenue, ten times more than in Germany. The Greek political parties receive fifteen euros per vote in State funding, the highest in Europe.

The kleptocratic alliance of Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias leads hoi polloi, who run amuck in the streets, to the cliff. Greeks prefer dictatorship to kleptocracy. Greeks prefer George Papadopoulos and Stylianos Pattakos to Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos. Hurling yogurt at Graecokleptocrats is the latest sport in Greece! Greece today is not a country, but a madhouse! The freakish government of Greece stole my computer!

Samaras declares grexit would be tantamount to death,warning that the threat of a return to the drachma was at the June 17 election polls. Juergen Fitschen of Deutsche Bank declares Greece's political system is unable to escape corruption. Fitschen points out Greece is the only country, where we can say it's a failed state, it is a corrupt state, corrupt as far as its political leadership is concerned and obviously other people had to be willing to support this.

Samaras says the battle for growth would begin with the tourism sector and marine infrastructures, and pledges to establish an autonomous Ministry of Tourism as well as an autonomous Merchant Marine ministry.

Samaras pledged that, if he were the premier, there will be no more reductions of salaries or increases in taxes, hoodwinking the 18 measures for boosting growth. Graecokleptocrats are frequently booed, mutzaed, egged, and yogurted by the indignant crowds calling them traitors! Some students parade sending a moutza to Graecokleptocrats! Moutza is the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks which consists of extending all fingers of one hand and presenting the palm towards the insulted person in a forward motion. Madhouse Greece!

Samaras points out Syriza's platform is not cost-estimated and has no numbers, and Syriza has a secret agenda on taxes. Greeks accumulate eggs and yogurt in order to hurl it at all Graecokleptocrats they could find, especially Venizelos, who introduced the stupidest law on Earth which states ministers of the Greek government are immune to prosecution! As a result of this infamous law, Graecokleptocrats cannot be prosecuted, even though Graecokleptocrats get myriad bribes. This socialist bulldog has transformed hoi polloi to slumdogs!

Samaras hoodwinks that Fourth Reich is obliged to take a big decision to minimize its tough policy by adopting eurobonds. Merkel reinforces her opposition to Eurobonds, declaring that a communistic collectivization of debt would leave the bloc's members worse off. This is communism, pure and simple! Germany, Europe's largest economy, would face extra costs of a hundred billion euros a year through the alignment of interest rates with nations that pay more to borrow. Eurobonds lead us to a debt union, not to a stability union.

Giving eurobonds to PIGS is giving gin to alcoholics! Eurobonds create a transfer union. Eurobonds would benefit profligate PIGS, especially corrupt Greece, whose borrowing costs on the open market have become prohibitively expensive, but they would expose fiscally sound countries like Germany to more risk, increasing the country's low interest rates. Eurobonds would subsidize the dolce vita of PIGS.

Samaras further pledges to junket the world over in order to attract investments in Greece, noting that great interest already exists on the part of China and Russia. Kleptocrats are often taking very expensive junkets, taking advantage of their positions and access to public funds to undertake pleasure trips thinly disguised as being of political importance.

Samaras declares he will proceed with mass deportations of illegal immigrants. Samaras says there's no other solution, we must create a new Athens, a new Patras, and restore the people's sense of security in the cities and the villages. Samaras does not understand the function of borders. A border is not

properly a barrier for the purpose of keeping foreigners out; it is properly a
boundary designating the area in which the government must protect rights.
Rights-respecting foreigners who want to cross that boundary in order to enjoy
the relative freedom and abundant opportunity in a country have a moral right to
do so. http://venitism.blogspot.com

Venizelos, founder of kleptocratic impunity, declares he will not support or tolerate any government formation if it does not ensure the national unity character that will lead to progress through the national strategy that has been proposed by Pasok. Yogurted Graecokleptocrats galore! Graecokleptocrats are scared to walk in public, because Greeks hurl eggs and yogurt at them.

If you are Greek, do not leave home without eggs and yogurt, because you could have the enormous pleasure of hurling eggs and yogurt at a Graecokleptocrat you might meet that day. This is the best way to release the elastic energy of discontent accumulated inside you. Tomatoes, coffee, bottles, leftovers, garbage, and stones could also do the job. Madhouse Greece!

Piggish Graecokleptocrats chose former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos of Pasok as a scapegoat for their sins, because his living style corresponds to the Royal House of Saudi Arabia. This way they hope Greeks could cool down and forget about the myriad briberies and scandals of Graecokleptocrats. Obviously, Graecokleptocrats undervalue the intelligence of Greeks. Greeks know very well, there is no just a single culprit, but at least four hundred culprits who stole billions of euros, safely deposited in their offshore accounts.

Venizelos, the mad bulldog of socialism, also expresses fear that the lack of governance will continue after the June 17 repeat elections, because a superficial scenery of a supposed two-party system has been set up. Barroso is gullible enough to believe Graecokleptocrats, the yogurted egged shitscum of planet Earth! Greece, the bete noire of Fourth Reich, is Barroso's favorite Pinocchio. But Greece is anathema to civil society. Greece, the bully of blogosphere, has crossed the Rubicon against civility, terrorizing and robbing dissident bloggers. Madhouse Greece! The freakish government of Greece stole my computer!

The founder of kleptocratic impunity criticizes the platforms presented by Nea Democratia and Syriza as a dangerous and dead-end scenery, contrary to the message sent by the people on May 6 that the era of single-party governments has passed that that the crisis is so deep that a nation-wide effort is needed, not solutions that divide the society.

Venizelos warns those who are pre-electorally promising a manufactured paradise that the people will be enraged and will be very harsh when they realise that all those were lies and delusions. Venizelos muses the people cannot withstand any more disorientation.

The founder of kleptocratic impunity hoodwinks a government can arise from within a strong Pasok that will guarantee the solution, because a small Pasok, without strength, has no reason to shoulder a responsibility that has not been given to it by the people. Venizelos notes liquidity will return to the market via the recapitalisation of the banks, which is in the direction of protection of the people's deposits.

Pasok and Nea Democratia mafias must be abolished now, because they have robbed the Greek treasury and the pension funds, received myriad bribes and kickbacks, exchanged sinecures for votes, spread the cancer of socialism, destroyed the Greek economy, imposed kangaroo justice, persecuted dissident bloggers, established the kleptocratic impunity, framed a ridiculous constitution, enslaved Greece to Fourth Reich, debased the Greek soul, transformed the cradle of democracy to the cradle of kleptocracy, and deteriorated the national character of Greece.

Phooey you Graecokleptocrats! You are the socialist robber barons that stole my computer, my files, and my life, but you couldn't steal my soul. Pooh on you yogurted egged shitscum of planet Earth! You thought you could shut me up, but blogosphere declared a war on you. You thought you could bend my spirit of freedom, but millions of free spirits are now against you. I demand my life back!

Socialist Tsipras declares Greece's exit from eurozone is not an option for Syriza. Tsipras accuses his political opponents of danger-mongering. The first action of a Syriza government will be to annul the Memorandum. Tsipras attributes the big rise in Syriza's popularity to the mistakes of his opponents. Socialistic politics leads naturally to deficits. Politicians typically insist that they intend to constrain the growth of government spending, but in reality they seldom are able to overcome the natural incentives of increasing government spending.

Tsipras hoodwinks he will do everything he can so that Greece can retain the euro. Tsipras is trying to convince Eurokleptocrats that it's also in their interest to finally lift the austerity diktat. Greeks need policies that don't destroy the Greek economy but, rather, allow for renewed growth. If the austerity course isn't changed, it will result in the complete destruction of the Greek economy. Tsipras hoodwinks that would indeed be a danger to the euro.

Greek elections bring Pyrrhic victories. Graecokleptocrats are more concerned with elections than in making real spending cuts. We should keep in mind the words of Pyrrhus after the battle of Asculum: Another such victory and we will be undone.

Greece is the queen of political corruption in Occident. The impunity of the 300 MPs of the Grand Brothel of Democracy on Syntagma Square is the most freakish thing on Earth. Even though Graecokleptocrats loot many billion euros in bribes and churning, Graecokleptocrats cannot go to jail! Graecokleptocrats are protected by the parliamentary immunity, and nobody can touch them, no matter what. Moreover, they have the nerve to jail dissident bloggers. It's a long way from the 300 Spartans of Leonidas! Allons enfants de la Grece!

Nobody will keep election promises to Greeks. Nobody will listen to the concerns of all Greeks. Nobody cares! If nobody is elected to the Grand Brothel on Syntagma Square, things will be much better for all Greeks! If Greeks vote for somebody, then they deserve what they get. Nobody is myriad times better than somebody. All Global Tax Revolt members will not vote in the Greek elections. P.J.O'Rourke says don't vote, it just encourages the bastards.

Wow! Smart words are more effective than smart bombs! Mighty words of a charismatic keynote speaker can transform your people to a new dimension of organizational climate, efficiency, self-actualization, enthusiasm, belonging, and motivation. I would like very much to speak at your conference in order to explain critical points much further.

 Basil Venitis, venitis@gmail.com

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